A Parisian Apartment, in Stark Contrast

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With images like these to fill our virtual landscape, is it any wonder that Paris remains synonymous with romance and style? This staggeringly lavish 19th Century Parisian apartment has been given a jaw-dropping 21st Century makeover, thanks to the Slovakian architectural firm Talcik Demovicova and London-based interior stylist Jessica Vedel.

If working with ‘bones’ this grand was a daunting proposition, there’s no evidence of it here. Rising to the occasion, the Talcik Demovicova/Vedel team has selected a range of streamlined, monochromatic 20th and 21st Century masterworksthe Serge Mouille light fixtures alone are killing usand balanced it with a finely-honed sense of proportion, tone, and texture that both offset and complement the apartment’s scale and glamor. When design sensibilities are this black-and-white, who needs color?

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Images: Juraj Talcik

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