Wanderlust: Tallinn, Estonia

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Estonia boasts the oldest capital in Northern Europea city of uncommon beauty and designated UNESCO World Heritage Sitebut the scores of tourists who come to Tallinn do so because of its proximity to Finland.

A mere 2-hour ferry ride across the Gulf of Finland, Tallinn is a popular weekend destination for Helsinki’s residents and visitors, and no wonder. A world away from the Finnish capital’s sprawling splendor, Tallinn’s Old Town is a step back in time, all cobble stone streets, hand painted signs and ochre-bathed architecture.

Cradled within a new city of highways and generic modern edifices, the labyrinthine streets of Tallinn’s Old Town remain the former Soviet Baltic state’s primary lure, a tiny jewel, well worth the ferry ride overproviding you leave your vanity shoes behind and keep that digital camera charged to the max.

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Images: Promila Shastri

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  1. Annika

    Mar 13, 2014 at 4:10 am

    Loved the photos and the fact that they are not “tourstic” as on most of the blogs where you see time and time again the same sightseeing spots and nothing new. Good attention to detail. Thank you.

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