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Table Top Color: The Par 4 Coffee Table

Categories: Furniture + Lighting

Multicolor Coffee Table

For a dash of Mondrian-esque artiness, and versatility, to boot, the sculputural Par 4 coffee table is a solid statement. Designed by France’s Bernard Vuarnesson in 1996, the Par 4’s name references the stack of 4 colored panels that slide in and out of the table’s solid oak frame, allowing the user to shrink or expand the table as needed. For a more restrained color statement, the laminate colored tops can be flipped over to reveal the natural oak finish.

Multicolor Coffee TableMulticolor Coffee TableMulticolor Coffee Table

Images: MOMA Store

4 Comments to "Table Top Color: The Par 4 Coffee Table"

  1. It is very fabulous, colorful and creative table.

  2. Incredible! At the 4th picture it doesn’t look like a table.Nice combination of color!

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