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Kickstarter Success for Camerino Valet Stand

Categories: Furniture + Lighting

316f79cc7be34a27f79506daf3e42d4d_largeWho couldn’t do with a good valet? The Camerino Valet Stand by London design studio brose~fogale is the latest crowd-sourcing success story, having secured funding for commercial production via Kickstarter this past summer. Designed “for anyone using their chair as a coat hanger, forever searching for their keys or with limited space…,” the stately Camerino is a solid oak beauty, available in natural finish, Fluoro Yellow or Strawberry Red. Most impressively, it’s shipped flat-packed, and can be assembled with a single key (included in the packaging). We’re not sure we actually need a valet, but the Camerino’s elegant looks and that delicious Strawberry Red is giving us pause.



Images: brose~fogale

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