Kickstarter Alert: Modeska Desk Accessories

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dS32rgvpZskmzVzxAMXtG0-cujBpA-sWvP5rjZzsqR4As admirers of thoughtfully crafted American-made products, we took notice when Modeska alerted us to their handsome suite of desk accessories, currently making a splash on Kickstarter. The Connecticut-based company, founded by Jeremy Biron, set out to create a range of stylish, utilitarian office accessories to complement the streamlined good looks of modern digital devices. The result is a range of six “deskmates,” each gracefully formed from a single piece of virtually indestructible aircraft-grade aluminum, and given an elegant matte finish that seamlessly melds into the contemporary tech-laden office environment. All that, while carrying the distinction of having been designed, manufactured, and finished in the USA. We call that a design mission that merits a Kickstart.


Images: Modeska

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  1. Paul buick

    Dec 2, 2013 at 5:18 pm

    Are these made from recyclable materials? Or do we really need gadgets like this to made from raw materials?

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