Faye Toogood’s Interior Life

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17well-toogood-custom4Mediocrity, it’s safe to say, was never to be the destiny of someone with a name like Toogood; still, we should have known that the home of the British designer Faye Toogood would have style to burn. Toogood—whose peripatetic resume includes editorial, industrial, and interior design—defines her aesthetic as “the combination of the unexpected and the theatrical with something tactile or handmade, even painterly.” All of which, happy to say, are abundantly evident in her elegantly refurbished London home. Her particular talent, befitting the eye of someone who studied art history, lies in creating still life compositions, poetic vignettes of carefully curated, seemingly unrelated objects. “I like to combine the precious and the raw,” she says—and here, she does, to splendid effect.©HenryBourneElement_Table_BATCH_Malachite_highres_cutout©HenryBourne©HenryBourne©HenryBourne©HenryBourne17well-toogood-custom11©HenryBourne

Images: New York Times

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