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A DIY Project, Unfolded

Categories: DIY + How To, Furniture + Lighting, Sustainability

chair2Few things are as drearily generic (and as devoid of aesthetic value) as that staple of school auditoriums and recreational halls: the tubular metal folding chair. Which is why this DIY project over on Design for Mankind got our attention immediately. Ordinary materials, a dose of determination, and a finely tuned eye for color and pattern, have given a standard metal chair a startling ugly duckling-to-swan transformation—all in a few weekend hours. Chalk an impressive one up for the “reduce, reuse, recycle,” column.chair


Images: Design for Mankind

3 Comments to "A DIY Project, Unfolded"

  1. What a nice pick me up for this otherwise dull, bland folding chair.

  2. Great hack! These would even work as regular kitchen chairs and make a great set with each one a different colour.

  3. Awesome folding chair! I want the black one. Easy to use and easy to carry wherever you bring it.

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