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A Dipping Device for the Cookie Dunker

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

cookieThe “cookie dunking experience” has received a boost with the arrival of The Dipr, a spoon specially designed to grip a sandwich cookie, thereby facilitating a clean and efficient dunking process. Thank inventor Robert Haleluk’s love affair with the Oreo cookie—and his frustration with inadvertently dropping Oreos in milk and then having to fish them out—for this hilariously ingenious device. The Dipr works by gripping the soft center of any sandwich cookie and holding the cookie firmly enough to submerge, retrieve, and eat. Well, why not? We’re all for preserving cherished rituals.cookie2cookie3cookie4Images: The Dipr


One Comment to "A Dipping Device for the Cookie Dunker"

  1. This will make cooking dunking so sophisticated..which takes away all the fun!

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