Vienna Gets a Glittering Pizzeria

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How do you transform an ordinary pizzeria into a glittering attraction? With a rotating disco ball of an oven, of course! Austrian collaborative Madame Mohr conceived of an ingenious way to fulfill their client’s request for a pizzeria that expresses the “Italo-Disco era of the 1970s and 80s.” The wood fired oven of Vienna’s Disco Volante (flying disc) pizzeria has been outfitted with a spherical outer shell made from heat-resistant concrete, a hidden rotating mechanism, and a brilliant skin of cut mirror tiles. Continuously rotating (at one revolution per minute), the disco ball oven is the one bombastic flourish in an otherwise restrained refurbishment of the former grocery store—but my, what a drop-dead flourish it is. No word on what the pizza tastes like, though.



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