Urban Illustrations by Nigel Peake

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Having a keen eye for one’s surroundings is one thing; recording one’s observations with skill and originality is another altogether. The Irish illustrator Nigel Peake has made a living from closely observing his environment, be it urban or rural, and then putting pen and watercolor to paper with dazzling imagination.

His latest book, In the City, showcases the landscapes of world metropolises, including New York, London and Shanghai, rendered in Peake fashion: details of the built world—buildings, sidewalks, rooftops—expressed in precise arrangements of shape and color, each a beautifully composed symphony of geometric patterns and textured abstractions.

A bookend to In the Wilds, Peake’s 2011 homage to the pleasures of rural life, In the City, aims to give visual expression to the frenetic beauty and irresistible dynamism of urban life; ever-present intricacies that many of us reference on a daily basis—but rarely stop long enough to truly see.nigel-peake-in-the-city-watercolornigel-peake-in-the-city-facadenigel-peake-in-the-city-blue-buildingnigel-peake-illustrationImages: Dwell

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