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Square Route: Normann Copenhagen’s New Tablo Tables

Categories: Furniture + Lighting


Danish brand Normann Copenhagen has just released a new version of their über popular Tablo table series, and why not? The original wood-and-plastic Tablo—clean, sturdy and well-priced; available in two sizes and in a range of pretty colors—has become something of a “must have” for admirers of contemporary Nordic design. Riding that wave of popularity, designer Nicholai Wiig Hansen has simply swapped out the circular plastic table top for square and rectangle versions, smartly rounding out the sharp edges and leaving untouched the gently rounded ash wood legs. The new Tablos aren’t available for purchase quite yet, but eager buyers will want to get on the company’s notification list for first dibs.nc-tablo-rect-white-p-2

Images: Normann Copenhagen

One Comment to "Square Route: Normann Copenhagen’s New Tablo Tables"

  1. Love the simple style of this table!

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