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Nature-inspired Serveware is ‘Poetry in Metal’

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects


These tree branch-shaped pasta and salad servers are from the Finnish design factory Latimeria, which sees its nature-inspired range of tableware as “poetry in metal.” They’ll get no argument from us. This lanky design (which, to our eyes, bears a vague resemblance to human hands) has been realized in both brushed stainless steel and “velvet steel,” a treatment invented by Latimeria, which imbues standard stainless steel with a bluish tint and velvety surface. Clean, elegant packaging nicely completes the inspired design and presentation.


Images: Latimeria

One Comment to "Nature-inspired Serveware is ‘Poetry in Metal’"

  1. Beautiful utensils! I love how the organic and natural seeps into everything like what we eat with and the art we put on our walls.

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