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Last Day to Save 15% on Emeco

Categories: Furniture + Lighting, Sustainability


Skeptics who think recycling is a well-meaning concept with an unfortunate byproduct—inferior design quality—may need to give the Emeco 111 Navy Chair a second look. The Pennsylvania company’s collaboration with that other all-American brand—Coca Cola—has been a bona fide ecological and esthetic triumph. 111 recycled PET Coke bottles (65% of the chair’s plastic/glass fiber/pigment content) have helped reincarnate the familiar profile of the 70 year-old Emeco Navy Chair as a glossy, colorful 21st Century design piece—without compromising one iota of Emeco’s lofty manufacturing standards. Our Emeco sale—a 15% reduction on all Emeco furniture, including the 111 Navy Chair—ends today.

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