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Instant Heat With Pantone Coffee Makers

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects


Pantone continues to expand its home product offerings with this new line of stove top espresso/coffee makers coated in a range of vibrant Pantone-specific hues. Available in 3-, 6- and 9-cup sizes, this aluminum model ups the ante on a classic design (and coolly ropes in the color-fixated) with irresistibly glossy finishes denoted with their corresponding swatch numbers. Talk about instantly hot morning coffee.


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7 Comments to "Instant Heat With Pantone Coffee Makers"

  1. Well, it is a normal classic pot… in a bright color.

    But Pantone colors are just colors and it is still just a pot. Or it must be the brand name making in interesting… but could as well write ‘Nike’ or ‘BMW’ there.

  2. Love the color here (2nd) but in the page in the link (where you can purchase the item) it looks muddier. Wondering is the aqua image the coffee maker in “Retro Blue”? Or is this another color? I saw this when Pantone pinned or repinned the image on Pinteret. For me it is all about color.

    • Hi Maureen. I do think the ‘retro’ blue on Pantone’s site and the blue in the photo here (assigned ‘vintage’ blue on its associated website) are one and the same–the turquoise/aqua color–but the variation in digital color always muddies these issues. I’m sure Pantone can clarify, though, as each color is assigned a Pantone-specific number.

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