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Dazzling Geometry from Ercolano

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

colorboxItalian company Ercolano makes a range of decorative storage and jewelry boxes which showcases the ancient craft of marquetry—in which pieces of wood veneer are painstakingly and exactingly applied to form seamless patterns across a flat surface—to dazzlingly modern effect. Ercolano’s line of geometric patterns—grids, zig zags, radiating lines—and striking color palettes reflect the company’s aim of creating objects which employ “the mastery of artisans who have harmoniously joined tradition and modernity.” Marquetry doesn’t come cheaply, of course. Harmony rarely does.ED1211_WhatsHot_011-main-mdn25032013163138_JEB916XTBKL_chiusa

Images: Ercolano

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