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Finnish Cotton Candy: Hattara Tables

Categories: Furniture + Lighting

Screen shot 2013-10-14 at 1.28.55 PMThe Finnish word for cotton candy is hattara, and that’s an apt name for the light and airy Hattara tables created by Finnish designer Fanni Suvila. Still in prototype phase, these metal and wood confections, which Suvila describes as being “like candy for a decorator’s sweet tooth,” were exhibited during Helsinki Design Week in September, and are sized to work as either bedside or coffee tables. If the delicate Hattara range does make it to market, we see their scalloped femininity being equally suitable for teen bedroom or teatime ritual.Habitare Protoshop 2013

Images: Protoshop

2 Comments to "Finnish Cotton Candy: Hattara Tables"

  1. I like the Hattara tables,its look very fantastic.

  2. Very nice and airy, very similar to Sphaus Drapery table by Nathan Young.

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