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Eindhoven’s Energetic New Identity

Categories: Art + Graphics


The city of Eindhoven, The Netherlands, has a new visual identity that may accurately be described as a group effort. The stack of 5 negative/positive zig zags that comprise the logo (and the bespoke typography that accompanies the project) were the collaborative effort of a group of creative firms with roots in Eindhoven. The distinguishing feature of the mark, which is meant to express the ‘energy’ that’s helped turn Eindhoven into a creative and technological hotbed (and host of this year’s Dutch Design Week), is its “open source” nature: the grid pattern from which the logo is derived provides local businesses with a template for creating their own variations on the original model, further emphasizing the collaborative spirit of the city itself. tumblr_mslituBbwt1stn8qjo1_1280eindhoven_logo_detail-1tumblr_mntqq8v2Kq1stn8qjo2_1280tumblr_mntrfxZwI21stn8qjo3_r1_500tumblr_mntqq8v2Kq1stn8qjo5_1280

Credits: Merk Eindhoven, Dezeen

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