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Banksy loves New York. How else to explain the month-long “artists residency” the once elusive British street artist has embarked upon on this side of the Atlantic? With his project, entitled Better Out than In, Banksy has taken it upon himself to make his presence felt on the streets of New York City on each and every day during the month of October. Predictably, his genius at self-promotion has ensured breathless sightings, sneering critiques, daily press reports, and the inevitable defacing by other street artists none too impressed by Banksy’s mainstream acceptance. No matter; as these photos of his Oct 7th mark in Brooklyn attests, Banksy, the counter-cultural figure is a full-fledged cultural star. And the merits of his messaging—in New York or elsewhere—are almost wholly beside the point.day-07-detail-fullday7ipadheartbanksy-177-1-1

Images: Banksyny

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