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An iPhone ‘Pillow’ From Snarkitecture

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

242_snarkitecture-pillow-02True to its aim of wanting to “perform the unexpected,” the Brookln-based architecture and design practice that calls itself Snarkitecture has created an unusual rest stop for an iPhone. Pillow is a convincingly soft and puffy-looking sculpture that’s, in fact, hard as rock. Hand cast in white gypsum cement, the seemingly malleable piece has been cleverly molded to appear to collapse under the weight of the phone when being used, and then to retain the phone’s impression when empty. The illusion carries through to the edges and underside, where strategically placed creases accommodate a charging cable without disrupting Pillow’s stability. Snarkitecture calls Pillow “an identifiable place for your phone,” and who could argue with such an indelible identity?242_snarkitecture-pillow-01242_snarkitecture-pillow-07242_snarkitecture-pillow-04242_snarkitecture-pillow-06

Images: Snarkitecture

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