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An Arty Loft For a Tech Geek

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Modern Decor + Objects


“I don’t want our house doing very much,” says David Karp of his newly renovated Brooklyn home—expressing a luxury afforded to those with the means to do whatever they want. Karp, the precocious (born in 1986) founder of the blogging platform, Tumblr, and, presumably, the world’s next very young tech billionaire, makes his home in an “open and honest” industrial loft across the river from Manhattan—eschewing the über-sleek, luxury high-rise with panoramic views expected from a technologist with an eye on the future.

Of course, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, having long ceded its counter-cultural credentials to bourgeois restaurants and new developments, isn’t exactly a remote outpost. Still, Karp sought an old home with soul, and got it in spades—albeit one overseen by seasoned architectural hands. Old and re-purposed materials (reclaimed oak; the building’s original concrete and exposed brick), utilitarian touches (exposed pipes and ducts), and mindfully edited furnishings project an image more akin to that of 20th Century New York artist than 21st Century New York technologist—which, we suspect, is exactly how David Karp wants it.


Images: New York Times

One Comment to "An Arty Loft For a Tech Geek"

  1. I simply love this loft. I desire to own something similar for a very long time.

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