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Daily Archives: October 4, 2013

Autumn Trend: Purple Reign

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Fashion + Trends, Furniture + Lighting, Modern Decor + Objects
Autumn Trend: Purple Reign

Once summer makes its final exit, the nesting instinct takes over. Gone is the search for wide open spaces—in its place, the urge to cozy up inside, amidst warm tones and plush layers. Color, too, takes on a darker hue in the cooler months, and few colors are as deeply — Continue reading

Street Cred for the POP Mobile Phone Handset

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
Street Cred for the POP Mobile Phone Handset

If you’re going to use a handset with your mobile phone, you might as well choose something with a bit of street cred. French street artist Nelio volunteered to lend just that to the Moshi Moshi POP Handset, the invention of French designer David Turpin for brand Native Union. Nelio’s — Continue reading

Gareth Spor’s Book Smart Sculpture

Categories: Art + Graphics
Gareth Spor's Book Smart Sculpture

As far as artist statements go, the British artist Gareth Spor has one that can be fairly described as cosmic: “Often fixating on the physics of light, the cosmos, and the geometries of space and time, I work across a diverse range of media to explore the states of wonderment — Continue reading