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Daily Archives: October 3, 2013

For Sale at $50M: Bob Hope’s Lautner Mansion

Categories: Architecture + Interiors
For Sale at $50M: Bob Hope's Lautner Mansion

Comedy was good to Bob Hope. Good enough to allow him to commission John Lautner to design his palatial home in Palm Springs—a concrete and glass wonder, now on the market for the first time at a whopping $50 Million asking price. Designed in 1973 and finished in 1980, the — Continue reading

Designer Darts from Best Made

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
Designer Darts from Best Made

Well, who knew darts could look this tempting? Best Made has managed to turn a dart board into a design piece, with a hand-crafted Belgian Darts (also known as Vogelpik) board, made from a slab of basswood and encased in a band of polished brass. Brass is also “hydraulically inserted” — Continue reading

AXO Light: Stretching the Boundaries of Lighting Design

Categories: Furniture + Lighting
AXO Light: Stretching the Boundaries of Lighting Design

When light fixtures look this dramatic, it’s safe to say that they can no longer be classified as purely lighting. The Venice-based lighting company AXO Light is justifiably proud of its broad range of cutting-edge indoor lighting innovations, exemplified by its line of Muse designs—ceiling, wall and table lamps distinguished — Continue reading