Zak Stratfold’s Revolving Wood Lamp

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Another notable debut at the recently-concluded London Design Festival was the exquisitely linear Apsis LED table lamp by British furniture and product designer Zak Stratfold. Apsis is comprised of a vertical laminated beach wood body, superbly bent at each end to accommodate a circular pivoting head and round, gently concave limestone base—which also doubles as a receptacle for small items. A wood band which encircles the base allows the lamp to fully revolve, while the lamp’s head pivots through a range of angles up to 90 degrees. Stratfold, who designed Apsis in collaboration with Belgian wood veneer experts G. DesMet, has created a lamp that expresses a distinctly Nordic respect for craft and visual simplicity—an achievement which, we suspect, is not remotely as effortless as it looks.


Images:Zak Stratfold

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