Sofa Botanicals from Russell Pinch

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pendeledit713_1To us die-hard Modernists, schooled in solid colors and geometric prints, floral upholstery can be discomfiting. Yet the Pendel two-person sofa by British designer Russell Pinch has us intrigued—owing mostly to its high-backed, tailored curvaceousness and its availability in the beautifully illustrated, hand-printed Trollslända linen, designed in 1945 by Swedish textile artist Gocken Jobs. Created with small spaces in mind, the compact Pendel, which is also available in solid colors, is framed in solid beech, and sports slender oak legs along with the kind of organic shapeliness that, despite its botanical motif, would complement the familiar profiles of Modernist classics.pendeledit713-side_1

Images: Future Perfect

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