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Preview: Helsinki Design Week

Categories: Furniture + Lighting, Modern Decor + Objects

Puustelli_miinus_biocomposite_carcase_dark_1Toimittajien tusina  nikari 12 DECEMBER frontside

2Modern is off to Helsinki today, and hugely excited about all that awaits at Helsinki Design Week. Here’s a preview of some of the newly unveiled Scandinavian design pieces we’ll be covering in more detail over the next few weeks. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, too, for up-to-the-minute snapshots of what we see, both at HDW events and elsewhere in the design-rich city of Helsinki!

iinou pile of stoolsiinou white table with stoolsToimittajien Tusina Levels original-onfc-levels-121110_image_13_v2_1490

Toimittajien Tusina Junet Ilo KDTE4INpAZAVej2PotoobbjlLnK3owbXFPfCbiptATg,MpoqVvV-aYf6mmp2oSU0i3GdHYKSYeHHVe2gDMOidwYtoimittajien tusinaVakka_box_group_1lavitta tuoli _full

Images: Helsinki Design Week

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