Between Object & Architecture: Synapse Lighting from Luceplan

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Created with open-plan interiors in mind, the preposterously beautiful Synapse is a LED lighting system designed by Argentine designer Francisco Gomez Paz. Created for Milan-based lighting company Luceplan, Synapse’s design centers around a series of 13.5 inch three-armed modules, which come pre-configured in 3-piece (wall and ceiling) or 9-piece (suspension) arrangements. The preexisting arrangements can then be added to for more elaborate lighting statements. Eager to create a world “between objects and architecture,” Paz sees the suspended Synapse as a viable solution for delineating space inside wall-less interiors.


Credits: Metropolis

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  1. tammy - home interiors

    Sep 6, 2013 at 12:02 pm

    Although these lights look trendy as well as funky, sitting in your lounge and adding a cool electric look to your decor, I can’t help but think of the dangers of having such a large glass structure being so prone to accidents. I’d probably go for synapse lighting if it were hanging from a ceiling or mounted on a wall. They do look amazing.

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