Doug Aitkin’s ‘Acid Modernism’

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The term Acid Modernism implies a radical version of traditional modernism, but the most radical thing about the artist Doug Aitken’s Venice California house may be how ordinary it is. Having coined the term Acid Modernism to describe his home’s aesthetic, Aitken—who’s most famous for his large-scale photographic projections and text-based sculptures—has created a sanctuary with some singular touches, but, in the end, a surprisingly accessible brand of modernism. “The goal was to create a warm, organic modernism that’s also perceptual and hallucinatory. We thought that would be a wonderful environment to live in,” he says. And after looking at these photos, who could argue with the goal—or the enviable results?01well-aitken-slide-AQTB-jumbo01well-aitken-slide-521S-jumboPageImage-513531-4029781-5804-1PageImage-513531-4029785-5955PageImage-513531-4029784-5885PageImage-513531-4029788-6242PageImage-513531-4029782-5820


Credits: Ye Rin Mok, New York Times

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  1. Julie K.

    Sep 4, 2013 at 3:04 am

    When I first looked at the photos I though that acid modernism is a kind of strong term to describe this house..It is just not that radical..But then again, I noticed all these illusory elements in the interior, like the wall that imitates the foliage outside,the dining table that can be played with mallets or very skillfully placed mirrors that create some nice reflection effects. So, yeah, there are things in this house that can play with your mind so to say. And that is something new I guess.

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