Dimensional Design by Yizi Zheng

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The concept of dimensionality—the viewer’s perception of a flat image versus a raised surface—is explored in 2D/3D, a series of 5 posters by the Chinese-born, London-based graphic designer Yizi Zheng. Zheng has created an intricate geometric relief crafted from a single sheet of white paper, a faceted repeat-pattern that allows the viewer to experience the composition from varying angles.

In the next poster, a single purple circle is imposed onto the white relief, illustrating clearly that the flat circle can be seen in its entirety only when viewed from a single vantage point. The subsequent 3 posters show the circle enlarging gradually, until it encompass the entire surface area of the poster. The final poster shows the geometric composition in its original form, transformed by color now, but ready to be viewed again from any angle.


Images: Yizi Zheng

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