Beating the Drum for Upcycling

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Any notions about ‘upcycling’ being a desperate attempt at retrofitting can now be dispelled by these genuinely lovely pendant lights, crafted from a primary component of discarded washing machines. The brainchild of Dutch-born, Helsinki-based product designer Willem Heeffer, each light is comprised of a washing machine drum, painstakingly extracted from old machines at local recycling centers. In addition to the salvaged drums, the washing machines’ drive wheels have also been given new life, residing inside each pendant as housing for the light bulbs.

The final Drum light—powder coated in a range of 6 colors, and color-matched to a braided fabric cable—is visually transcendent, bearing no immediate relation to its origins, and fulfilling a primary criterion for the designer. As Heeffer explains, “The goal is to first see a beautiful product, after which you discover the history behind it. Only then, the products are no longer viewed as trash and become design pieces.”


Images: Willem Heeffer

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