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Nostalgia Trip: Salty Road’s Saltwater Taffy

Categories: Art + Graphics


We’ll own up to not being keen on that quintessential American summertime staple, salt water taffy, but that was before we laid eyes on Brooklyn-made taffy Salty Road. Yes, there’s the promise of Salty Road taffy being “softer, creamy like a milkshake with a distinct salt crystal crunch and a true vanilla flavor,” though, truthfully, we’d like to preserve our dental work for a while longer. But it’s Salty Road’s simple retro packaging that has us feeling nostalgic enough to indulge in a box or two of the chewy treats.

28858785_020_cImage: Terrain

2 Comments to "Nostalgia Trip: Salty Road’s Saltwater Taffy"

  1. Don’t eat too salty, especially in the summertime !

  2. How can I place an order? I want salted peanut, peppermint, caramel apple, and salted caramel. I have friends drooling, lol

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