Matthias Heiderich’s Moody Blues

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Matthias Heiderich is in a blue mood. The German photographer, who can transform most any city into an utopia of exhilarating angles and impossibly spare vistas, has just released Reflexionen, a new series of architectural photographs in which the European sky—and swathes of serene blue—dominate.

Heiderich, who claims to have had no formal training in photography, has taught himself to masterfully extract emptiness from some of the world’s most vibrant urban centers. In this latest suite of photographs, he gives us structures in repose, pristine vignettes of line, shape and volume; studies in solitude and desolation—and blue.

reflexionen-mh-8reflexionen-mh-7Screen shot 2013-08-13 at 1.01.43 PM

Images: Matthias Heiderich, Dwell

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