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Housing for the Stylish Cat from Modern Mews

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects


No discerning cat (or small dog) would pass up a chance to move into this generously-sized cat house from Seattle-based Modern Mews. Its clean good looks—beautifully molded laminated plywood casing and pristine white removable acrylic doors—are sure to please any design-minded cat (and owner), but there’s also plenty of room (25″ x 16″ x 14″) for all-day lounging, and stylish details, like circular door and discreet viewing slot in the back. Easy cleaning access, carpet upholstery, and handmade pillow bed complete a slice of luxury living for the feline set.




One Comment to "Housing for the Stylish Cat from Modern Mews"

  1. that is so sweet. Look at the pink color, i love this little house.

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