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A Perfect Fit: Marc Newson’s Bunky Bed

Categories: Furniture + Lighting


Oh, to have been a kid when beds like this were being designed! Launched at the Milan Furniture Fair in 2011, Bunky, a modular bunk bed designed by Marc Newson for Italian brand Magis, fits together LEGO style. Made from molded polyethylene, the bed has been designed to be used singly, or to be fitted neatly into a bunk bed module. Bunky’s smooth surface and rounded edges make it easy to clean and safe to play in—while its ingenious design and novel good looks are guaranteed to make it a statement piece in any child’s room.


Images: Designboom

3 Comments to "A Perfect Fit: Marc Newson’s Bunky Bed"

  1. Awww thats so sweet. I like the color and structure.

  2. This is very innovative and looks fantastic. Very unique for any child’s bedroom. Thanks for the info, its fascinating to see other designs.

  3. This is what i always wanted for my kids. Really loved it! its a perfect addition to kids bedroom.

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