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A New Soda Bottle from Yves Behar

Categories: Sustainability


As far as a eco-sensitive products go, SodaStream Source, a countertop appliance which turns plain tap water into a carbonated drink, is a pretty smart one—rendering bottles and cans obsolete, while saving transportation costs in the process. A collaboration between home soda maker SodaStream and Yves Behar’s Fuse Project, Source has a characteristically elegant form and appropriately modest kitchen footprint, which includes a reusable glass bottle. This week, SodaStream and Behar announced the redesign of Source’s original bottle, introducing a more streamlined version said to be inspired by the shape of a drop of water—and rising to “the challenge of creating a bottle that not only held pressure while carbonating and could be used over 5000 times but also looked beautiful on the kitchen table.”


Images: Designboom

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