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Romantic Botanical Still Lifes

Categories: Art + Graphics


Artful still life compositions, recycled containers and fine photography come together in these images by Australian wedding photographers Erin and Tara. Their visual record of a beach wedding includes the meaningful details that express the romance and casual elegance of the day—repurposed glass jars and bottles hold a mix of beautifully juxtaposed flowers and berries—sensitively captured by Erin and Tara’s practiced eyes.

Screen shot 2013-07-10 at 12.02.10 PMbeachside-australian-wedding-78beachside-australian-wedding-75beachside-australian-wedding-87beachside-australian-wedding-77Images: Ruffled, Erin & Tara

One Comment to "Romantic Botanical Still Lifes"

  1. These are so very beautiful. They inspire.

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