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A Different Kind of Folding Chair

Categories: Furniture + Lighting, Modern Decor + Objects


Proof positive that designers’ fascination with chairs, whether standard or in miniature form, knows no boundaries, is this set of small paper chairs designed by Taiji Fujimori. Made from card stock paper, and scaled down to 1/5 the size of adult furniture, the seating (side chair, arm chair, and couch) are sold flat, pre-cut, and notched, enabling the consumer to fold and form them easily. To what end, you ask? Too big for use as doll furniture, these chairs are made for holding tabletop sundries, like jewelry or keys; or, presumably, just for the love of chairs.

dezeen_scale-paper-chair_taiji-fujimori_ss_4dezeen_scale-paper-chair_taiji-fujimori_ss_3Images: Dezeen

2 Comments to "A Different Kind of Folding Chair"

  1. Hi, I am John,
    The design of Folding Chair is really fantastic and very beautiful.I like this.
    Thanks & Regards.

  2. A nice and subtle way to introduce these chairs into the homes of many as these were not mostly used for such purposes but mostly for outside events. These chairs can be folded and still do not lose their fine qualities in any way and be used in all areas around the house.

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