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Any notions about quilting being a purely nostalgic craft will quickly be dispelled by the strikingly modern quilts created by Comma Workshop. The Boulder, Colorado-based collective is redefining the art of quilting, word by word—quite literally. With a stated aim of “bringing a fresh perspective to the time-honored traditions of quilting and storytelling” founder Kerry Larkin has applied her love of literature and typography to a venerable homespun craft—with startlingly innovative and exceedingly beautiful results.

Comma Workshop’s artisans create purely typographical quilts by meticulously hand-stitching Larkin’s original poems and stories into layers of quilting fabric, skillfully rendering, via colored thread, expanses of cursive script enviably superior to anything most of us could replicate by pen.

While original stories remain their mainstay, Comma Workshop has just launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the Walden Quilt Series, a range of quilts and pillows featuring stitched excerpts from Henry David Thoreau’s Walden. “It is our hope that every quilt we sew is innovative, yet timeless; feminine, yet masculine; controlled, yet poetic.”

We don’t mind declaring that their hopes have been realized—exquisitely.

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Images: Comma Workshop

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