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Glass House Getaway

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Kekkillä / Linda Bergroth 5.9.09

Call it a storage shed, a greenhouse, a home office or a guest room. By any name, Garden Shed, designed by Helsinki architect Ville Hara and designer Linda Bergroth gets our vote for pre-fab glass house of our dreams. Bergroth, who conceived of the structure as an outdoor retreat for herself, has turned the prototype of Garden Shed into an idyllic getaway on the Finnish island where she lives, complete with bed and house plants aplenty. No fair, we say. In the meantime, this durable wood and glass jewel, which, we’re told, may be assembled with a single screwdriver, is available for sale through Finnish garden retailer Kekkila.

Kekkillä / Linda Bergroth 5.9.09Kekkillä / Linda Bergroth 5.9.09Kekkillä / Linda Bergroth 5.9.09

Images: Feel Desain

One Comment to "Glass House Getaway"

  1. i want to rent this for me and my beautiful woman for a couple nights!! can anyone help me make this happen!?

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