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Giveaway: Cain Bench 2 from Staach!

Categories: Furniture + Lighting

bench2-2Proof that functionality, sustainability and affordability can co-exist beautifully is the Cain furniture collection by Stacch. The New York State design studio’s line of modern furniture—stools, benches, tables and chairs—adhere to Staach’s stringent standards for ecological sensitivity, beginning with sustainably sourced American wood, through to energy-efficient production methods and lead-free finishes. Our Made in America Giveaway includes the Staach Cain Bench 2, manufactured in Staach’s workshop, and bearing the company’s esthetic hallmark of graphic simplicity and visual purity. Enter our sweepstakes now—the chance to win Cain Bench 2 ends at midnight.



One Comment to "Giveaway: Cain Bench 2 from Staach!"

  1. Nice bench. It could really light up my kitchen.

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