Child-like Magic with Grown-Up Style

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We couldn’t very well let this enchanting child’s room, styled by Swedish interior stylist Emma Persson Lagerberg, go unmentioned. Much like painters of still life compositions, interior stylists find ways to present existing, sometimes ordinary, elements in novel ways, and Lagerberg seems to posses the innate visual flair that makes Scandinavian design sensibilities so enviable to many of us.

What child wouldn’t be taken with the gentle, yet joyful, color palette, and stylish selection of furnishings in this room—down to the oh-so-current Acapulco chairs? But it’s Lagerberg’s ability to create beautiful juxtapositions of color and texture—turquoise organza skirt hanging against matte grey door, monochromatic stools flanking bold harlequin pattern; winsome soft toys lounging on complementary-hued unmade bed—that imbues this room with its particular child-like magic.

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Images: Emma Persson Lagerberg

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