Chair For a Lifetime: The Emeco Navy Chair

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Emeco blog postDoes it really take 77 steps to make a chair? Yes—if you mean for it to last a lifetime, as Emeco expects of its Navy Chair. A chair originally designed in 1944 for use on submarines won’t pretend to be delicate, and there’s nothing delicate or pretentious about the Emeco Navy Chair.

It wears its hand crafted credentials—the 77 step process that brings it to life, from soft, recycled aluminum to glistening anodized finish—on its lightweight, beautifully utilitarian form. Emeco guarantees its Navy Chairs for life, but 2Modern’s Made in America Giveaway continues only through July 8. And the chance to win this American-born design classic only lasts through this day. Enter our sweepstakes now; and be sure to take a look at 2Modern’s entire Emeco collection. It’s an all-American collection of a lifetime.


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