Renewal On Rockaway Beach

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Along the storm-ravaged shores of Rockaway Beach, New York, an area for which Hurricane Sandy reserved its most lethal blows, signs of renewal have gradually begun to spring up.

Among the most visible are the spiky aluminum trellises that mark the concession stands which formerly dotted the shoreline, providing food and public facilities for the thousands of summertime beach-goers who flock to the peninsula each year. Worn and architecturally forgettable prior to the storm—and leveled after Sandy hit—the concession stands have now been redesigned by architectural firm Sage and Coombe to include brand new lifeguard stations and revamped restaurants, and, most notably,—undulating, slatted aluminum canopies, visible from miles away.

Gleaming and instantly recognizable, their metal hues reflecting the changing mood of sea and sky, the new structures are like nothing that was there before, like nothing Rockaway Beach has ever seen—a fitting symbol for a place none too eager to relive the recent past, and looking ever hopefully to what still lies ahead.


Images: Promila Shastri

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