An Australian Oasis in New York

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Australian interior design firm Arent&Pike created this enviably gorgeous (and, by New York standards, jaw-droppingly roomy) West Village apartment for an Australian family of 5, who wanted a ‘liveable & comfortable’ second home in New York City.

Well, point us in the direction of the person who wouldn’t find this decadently appointed home liveable! With luxury brands and blue chip designers abounding—Gerrit Reitveld, Norman Cherner, The Rug Company, and repeat performances by our personal favorite, Saarinen, just to name a few—and a color scheme that beautifully melds soothing pastels with eye-popping solids and prints, it’s a home that manages to be both classic and contemporary, refined and approachable.

“Texture, rugs and upholstery rendered the apartment soft and comfortable in the colder seasons without being overbearing in the warmer seasons,” say the designers. “The end result was an urban oasis for a client that revels in staying in the most exciting part of the city, yet desires their personal space to be calm, comfortable and stylish.” This is one end result we’ll not argue with.


Images: Arent&Pike

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