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Typography and storage converge in the ANITA shelving concept, which consists of individual letter forms that can be customized to create words and phrases. Designed by Richard Mollon, ANITA is made from heavy gauge acrylic, and is available as both wall-mounted shelving or stand-alone floor unit, and in three color options. Can you spell COOL?

ANITA-Shelf-by-Ricard-Mollon05ANITA-Shelf-by-Ricard-Mollon01ANITA-Shelf-by-Ricard-Mollon08ANITA-Shelf-by-Ricard-Mollon09Images: Quattria

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  2. ADP Store

    Sep 2, 2013 at 8:17 am

    Nice views. And designs are so beautiful, choice of colurs is amazing.NIce job and keep sharing amazing ideas.

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