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A Rocking Gus* Sale

Categories: Furniture + Lighting


If the phrase modern rocking chair sounds like an oxymoron, it’s only because the rocking chair has mostly gone unnoticed by contemporary designers. Leave it to Gus*, then, to remake the rocking chair with such—you guessed it—modernist flair. With its gently curved powder coated steel frame, tailored upholstery, and choice of 3 handsome colors, it’s safe to say that the Gus* GT Rocker is not your grandmother’s rocking chair. And, until August 18th, the GT Rocker, like all Gus* upholstered furniture, can be had at a 20% discount. At these prices, you’d be—we’ll say it—off your rocker not to make a move on Gus* now.


4 Comments to "A Rocking Gus* Sale"

  1. Hey, It’s really nice. I want to buy one. Do you have more color available? Please give details about how to buy?

  2. I love the cool lounge chairs, especially the one with the orange fabric. Its so neat that it rocks. I’ve never seen one that looks like that. Thanks for sharing!

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