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Daily Archives: July 12, 2013

A Wallet for the Wanderer

Categories: Fashion + Trends
A Wallet for the Wanderer

This authentic-looking Air Mail envelope is, in fact, a wallet made from Tyvek®, folded in origami fashion to create two interior pockets and space for credit cards and business cards. Part of a range of novelty wallets by Mighty Wallets, it’s water resistant, recyclable, and impervious to tears—and, to boot, — Continue reading

OTTO’s Retro Winds

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
 OTTO's Retro Winds

In a sea of hard metal and shiny finishes, OTTO’s refined matte exterior is a welcome change. Artist Carlo Borer’s elegant fan design for Swiss brand Stadler Form has the timeless visual integrity of the best examples of Mid-Century Modern design—a period it strongly evokes, but doesn’t imitate. Adjustable in — Continue reading

Portugal’s Umbrella Art

Categories: Art + Graphics, Local + Travel
Portugal's Umbrella Art

Oh to be in Águeda, Portugal! For the second July in a row, an installation comprised of hundreds of colorful umbrellas is gracing the skies above its shopping district, and we’re nothing if not jealous. Local production company SextaFeira Produções conceived of and installed the beguiling Umbrella Sky project last — Continue reading

Mason Jar, American Icon

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects
Mason Jar, American Icon

Any object that’s been around for 100 years deserves recognition, and the Ball Mason Jar, still the gold standard container for preserving home-made jams and sauces, is getting some. To mark the 100th birthday of the first “Perfect Mason” jar, the Ball company has released a limited edition set of — Continue reading