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Daily Archives: July 9, 2013

Vancouver, By Any Name

Categories: Art + Graphics, Local + Travel
Vancouver, By Any Name

Chicago is windy, Pittsburgh is steely, and New York never sleeps. But Vancouver, it turns out, has a great many defining characteristics. By Any Other Name is a poster exhibition (seen here, on display at Waterfront Station, the city’s major public transit terminal) conceived of and curated by the Vancouver — Continue reading

Jan Voorman’s LEGO Street Art

Categories: Art + Graphics
Jan Voorman's LEGO Street Art

We’re all for artists who want to make the world a brighter place, and German artist Jan Voorman is taking a particularly colorful approach: by filling the unsightly structural gaps caused by urban decay with the universally recognized plastic LEGO brick. Entitled Dispatchwork, the project, which has so far encompassed — Continue reading

Trend Watch: Saffron!

Categories: Fashion + Trends, Furniture + Lighting, Modern Decor + Objects
Trend Watch: Saffron!

Yellow is a natural for summer, of course, but saffron is a bit more…adventurous. A pinch of orange gives basic yellow a dash of, well, spice! Upholstered in the most luscious of saffrons, the Artek Armchair 402 is a revelation. Alvar Aalto’s 1933 masterwork is given a dazzling remake, colorfully — Continue reading