Vipp’s Big Green Gimmick



Copenhagen’s desire to hold the mantel of Europe’s cleanest city has been given a big green boost by Danish trash can maker Vipp. Seizing a marketing opportunity, Vipp has created a giant replica of its famous pedal garbage bins to call attention to Copenhagen’s green initiative, and, in the process, guaranteeing itself some very good publicity. Vipp’s outsized receptacle, replicated meticulously, down to functionality, at 8:1 scale, will serve as a traveling green reminder to the city’s residents as it journeys to a slew of different locations over a 5-month period. That’s flashy trashy stuff, don’t you think?


Images: Vipp

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  1. My Love Wedding Ring

    Jun 30, 2013 at 2:58 pm

    This is SO cool!! Just when you think you have seen every marketing idea, someone comes up with a fabulously chic giant trash can!!

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