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dezeen_Sweeper-and-dustpan-by-Jan-Kochanski_ss_3Like the wheel, the dustpan doesn’t need to be reinvented; but unlike the wheel, it can, it seems, be improved upon. Polish industrial designer Jan Kochański thinks so, anyway, and has the evidence to prove it. Making use of injection moulding technology, his dustpan has a hollow handle into which fine debris can be funneled and emptied out neatly. Gently curved edges keep dust away from the pan’s edges, and a horsehair and beechwood brush slides into the hollow handle for compact storage. dezeen_Sweeper-and-dustpan-by-Jan-Kochanski_ss_1dezeen_Sweeper-and-dustpan-by-Jan-Kochanski_3dezeen_Sweeper-and-dustpan-by-Jan-Kochanski_ss_2Images: Dezeen

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  1. Keith Fyhr

    Jun 19, 2013 at 8:26 am

    Nicely done! We’ve recently been through the thought process of a re-invention vs. improvement when describing our new product concept. We found your choice of words here striking.

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