Swedish Beach House by Claesson Koivisto Rune

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Villa Widlund Öland, CKR 03-2012

Modern architectural enthusiasts who dream of vacation homes by the sea will find this house on the Baltic island of Öland to be a slice of coastal nirvana. Designed and realized by the Stockholm design and architectural firm Claesson Koivisto Rune, this pristine geometric beach house, built with solid white precast concrete, “is like a funnel of light, space and sea views.”

The oblong volume is “corsetted” in the middle, flaring into a glass fronted, double height communal area with unobstructed views of the sea. And, as expected, while the interior spaces reflect the Nordic penchant for minimal, carefully edited furnishings and objects, the pristine Swedish landscape—its endless summer light shining down on a mesmerizing ocean—remains the star attraction.

Villa Widlund Öland, CKR 03-2012Villa_Widlund_Claesson_Koivisto_Rune_Architects_afflante_com_4Villa_Widlund_Claesson_Koivisto_Rune_Architects_afflante_com_5-1Villa_Widlund_Claesson_Koivisto_Rune_Architects_afflante_com_3-1Villa Widlund Öland, CKR 03-2012Villa Widlund Öland, CKR 03-2012Villa Widlund Öland, CKR 03-2012Villa Widlund Öland, CKR 03-2012

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